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Pledge to One Another

We will be following the governor’s guidelines to provide a safe and clean environment and ask you to do the same. There will be some modifications for the coming weeks. Refer to the FAQs below for more information. As always, our mission is to build a healthy community with Christ as our cornerstone. A part of that mission is providing a safe place for you to build your mind, body, and spirit. It is a fact that healthy, active people are more likely to have fewer complications from illnesses.

At this time, we ask you to agree to the following pledge before you come into Rc3.


  • I will protect my Rc3 family by following all guidelines.

  • I have not had a fever in the last 48 hours.

  • I am not experiencing cough, shortness of breath, or a sore throat.

  • I have not been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

  • I will maintain 6' or greater distance from others.

  • I will sanitize my hands upon coming and going.

  • I will sanitize all equipment that I use.

Our pledge to you:

  • We will follow all guidelines provided by local and state officials.

  • We will provide a safe and clean environment - cleaning all surfaces frequently throughout the day.

  • Our staff will wear all appropriate PPE and pledge to maintain all health standards.


  1. What will be Rc3’s hours? Friday, May 1: 6am – 7pm Sat. May 2: 7am – 4pm Sun. May 3: 1pm – 5pm Beginning Monday, May 4 – Regular hours (4am – 9pm M-F / Sat. 5am – 4pm / Sun. 1pm- 5pm)

  2. Will there be limits in numbers of people per space? Yes, but we will not be using a sign-up system at this point. In following the governor’s plan, we will be limiting numbers as follows unless otherwise approved by leadership. Front Cardio room – 5 / Wellness Center (back) – 15 / Gym – 10 – 15 with the exception of classes / GroupX Center (upstairs) – 16 We don’t foresee any issues with this plan, but if needed we will go to a sign-up method. Please honor others by being efficient with your workout, aware of other member’s needs for access to equipment, and by cleaning each piece of equipment before and directly after you use it. We have been advised to not allow circuit-type workouts.

  3. How will we maintain 6’ distancing? We will be repositioning some equipment to allow for optimal use while also honoring the 6’ rule. Members will not use equipment within 6’ of another member unless they have been sheltering in place together. This means that you may have to use every-other piece of equipment.

  4. How do you plan to keep Rc3 clean? We have been cleaning non-stop since Monday. We will have staff in all areas of Rc3 at all times cleaning throughout the day. Make sure you tell them thank you!

  5. Will there be GroupX classes? Yes. Beginning Monday, May 4 we will offer classes. Some may occur in the big gym. The 6’ rule will be followed in classes. Classes will still be live on Facebook as well for those who need to continue to shelter in place.

  6. Will there be Silver Sneakers Classic classes? No. We are not able to host those classes per the governor’s plan for at least 2 more weeks. We will continue to offer those classes live on Facebook.

  7. How about Childwatch? We will not offer Childwatch next week, but hope to begin to offer it the following week. We will be limiting numbers per hour but adding more time slots for CW.

  8. Can we use the locker rooms? No. It is against the governor’s guidelines. If this is a problem, please talk to Danielle or Cindy.

  9. Can we play games like basketball and indoor soccer? No. As much as it pains us, the governor’s guidelines do not allow for that yet. There will be no gym passes at this time. You may shoot or bump a volleyball on your own or with a family member.

  10. 10. Do we have to wear masks? Our staff will be wearing masks. It is encouraged that you also wear a mask. However, we understand that it is a challenge when working out, so carefully consider if you should.

  11. I am over 65. Can I workout? Yes, but it is advised that you take extra precautions or refrain from use during Phase 1 of re-opening. If you do decide to workout, please consider coming during slower hours between 4am – 7am, 12pm – 3pm or after 7pm.

  12. Can we swim in the pool? Wait. We don’t have one. Ha! But feel free to start a campaign to fund one. Just a little levity…and wishful thinking!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We hope this finds you well and look forward to seeing you from 6’ away! And again, we cannot thank you enough for your support over the last several weeks!

The Lord bless you and keep you,

Cindy Horton

Rc3 Executive Director

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