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Seed Money At Work

the annual Strong Kids and Family Campaign Had a great impact in 2019

Last year, Rc3 provided financial assistance for memberships, youth sports, and programming totaling over $65,000!

  • 41 children participated in youth programs including basketball, soccer, tumbling, swimming, volleyball and more free of charge or at a reduced rate.

  • 22 families received assistance with membership fees.

  • 300 seniors participated in Silver Sneakers Fitness Program.

  • 30 children received free lunch and play sessions 5 days a week throughout the summer.

  • 6 free memberships to a local non-profit organization for their clients.

  • Countless community children found a home in the gym after school.

We encourage you to help support our Annual Strong Kids and Families Campaign! Your funds will go to providing financial assistance, based on household income, for children and families to participate in RC3 membership and programs. RC3 is a 501c3 organization so your contribution is deductible for income tax purposes.

Donate Today!

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