Rec Soccer - Update 5/12/20

Greetings soccer fans!

At Rc3 we are committed to building a healthy community with Christ as our cornerstone. It is with great reluctance and disappointment that we announce the spring season of Rec Soccer is now cancelled. We were hopeful that with the reopening of the State, we would be able to return to play for at least a half-season. With the current limitations though, it is just not possible.

BUT don’t worry!! We are making plans to offer clinics and skill sessions throughout the summer and fall registration will be here before we know it! Stay tuned for opportunities to come and play!

Program fee balances for Rec Soccer are: $75 (non-members) or $40 (members). Your options from here*…

  1. Donate the balance of your fee. As stated before, non-profit organizations are being hit hard by the upheaval of the current situation. Rc3 is no exception. We appreciate your support as we strive to provide quality programs for our community for years to come if you choose to donate the balance of your fees. We are happy to provide a tax-deductible statement for this donation.

  2. Voucher for the balance of your fee. Apply the program fees to the fall season! Your fall season cost will only be $15 which covers the uniform. The voucher helps Rc3 cover the costs of the spring season that have already been paid (uniforms, equipment, administrative costs, etc.).

  3. Refund. If you will not be able to play in the fall or require a refund, you may request one. Refunds could take up to 4 weeks to process.

*All will receive their uniforms. Pick up is at Rc3 beginning Monday, May 18.

Let us know your preference (even if you previously responded) by filling out the following form:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Stay healthy and active!

Alana Toliver

Rc3 Program Director

more than a gym!”

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