Personal Training

The goals of Personal Training through Rc3 are to provide an avenue for our members and the community to attain a higher level of fitness, reduce and prevent disease states, and to assist athletes in reaching goals and optimal performance.


Our trainers are certified, committed, creative and affordable.

  • One hour session: $25

  • Half-hour session: $17

  • 5 (1 hr sessions) package: $100

  • 8 (30 min sessions) package: $100

  • Group rates available.

Call (423) 775-0821 for more info or to schedule your training session! 

Refer a friend and receive an additional free 30- minute session!

Rc3 Certified Personal Trainers 
& Nutrionists 

Alex Horton 
Certified Personal Trainer

Alex Offers:






Alex has a bachelor's degree in exercise health science from Bryan College. He played professional soccer in England. He loves food & cooking & the important part nutrition plays in healthy living. His favorite quote: "look after your bodies, and they will look after us."

Audrey Norman
Certified Personal Trainer

I’m a dual citizen of both Canada and the U.S., a mom of boys, wife to an amazingly funny and kind man, a former collegiate athlete, and a lover of all things fitness. Playing sports my whole life helped activate a love of the human body and how it moves and functions. I finished my degree at Bryan College in 2007 with my BS of Exercise and Health Science. Helping people achieve their goals, whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle mass, becoming a more effective athlete, working on balance and coordination, etc., that is the reason why I love what I do. I love the challenge of helping every person that I work with meet their different individual goals. An active lifestyle looks different for each person, so I love to help set goals with my clients and help them achieve them. Walking into the gym is 90% of the mental battle that a lot of people face. If this is you, take that step into the gym and let me help you with the other 10% of getting you where you want to be! I promise you will have fun! Plus Rc3 has so many different classes for you to try and programs for the elderly and children as well! There is something for everyone here!

Jenna Eastwood 
Certified Personal Trainer

Bio to come.

Kristi Gilmore
Certified Personal Trainer

My philosophy for personal training The first question I ask anyone who enters a gym is “what are your goals?” “Why are you here?” Everyone has their own reason for being at the gym, for seeking personal training and my goal is to show you and give you the tools to get there. It takes 30 days to make a habit and I would like to create a habit people love - this is something I have a passion for. My philosophy is for a lifetime of health and strength, creating a balance between everyday living while creating a drive for fitness that will carry you through a lifetime. 

Molly Trantham
Certified Personal Trainer

Bio to come.

Jami Dodd
Certified Nutrionists

Bio to come.

Joy Elsea
Certified Nutrionists

Bio to come.

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