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Rc3 Volleyball Program 

Girls in 3rd grade through high school learn and refine their volleyball skills during the two seasons of volleyball in the fall and spring.

Rc3 is privileged to have a strong volleyball program. Girls in 3rd grade through high school learn and refine their volleyball skills during the two seasons of volleyball in the fall and spring. Each season begins with a grading day to help determine teams. Teams practice one evening a week and play games each Saturday at the Rc3 gym. Due to our awesome coaches, we also have open gym volleyball during the summer.


Girls 3rd grade - 12th grade. There will be two age divisions: 3rd-5th and 6th-HS. A possible third division will be added depending on the number of participants.


All age divisions:

  • Members: $65.00

  • Potential Members: $95.00

*Financial assistance is available. Please ask the front desk staff for an application.


Registration: CLOSED UNTIL FALL 2024

Season Dates: Open registration begins on January 15th and ends on February 17th. Practices will begin the week of Feb 26th. Games will be played each Saturday at the Rc3 gym beginning March 2nd until May 4th.   There will be no games or practices the week of spring break (March 11-17).  We will also take a break from games for Easter (March 25-31). A detailed schedule will be handed out once teams are set.

Grading Day:

All new participants should attend the grading day on February 17th from 9 am- 11:00 am. Participants will be evaluated on their volleyball skills and athletic ability.  The results will be used by the volleyball committee and coaches to build teams.  The 3rd to 5th grade will be evaluated at 9:00 am-10:00 am. 6th grade to High School will be evaluated at 10:00 am-11:00 am.


Team rosters are comprised of 8-10 players.  Special requests for coaches and/or teammates are NOT GUARANTEED.

Coaches, Line Judge, Scoreboard & Refs:

All coaches are volunteers. If you are interested in coaching or any other positions, please be sure to indicate that on your child’s registration form. Volunteers are always needed! Rc3 will provide a referee to officiate and supervise all games.


All regular-season games are scheduled for Saturdays.  The season schedule with team game times will be distributed once teams are determined.


Each participant will be given an Rc3 team shirt. Parents must provide shorts for their children. Shoes must be rubber-soled athletic shoes. All players are encouraged to wear knee pads.


Team and individual pictures will be taken during the season. The picture day schedule will be given out before the specified date. Pictures are not included in the registration fee; however, parents may order picture packages at additional cost.


All teams in each division will end the season with a tournament.  The schedule will contain more information.


  • Feb 17th: Grading Day: 9 am: 3rd-5th grade, 10 am: 6th-HS

  • Feb 26th: Practices begin

  • March 2nd: First games

  • March 11-17th: No practices or games

  • March 25-31st: No games for Easter weekend

  • May 4th: Last day of games


Once your player is registered and has participated in the grading day, you are simply waiting for a phone call.  All players should be contacted by their coach or Rc3.  If you have any questions or need additional information, contact us.



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