Registration:  (Begins Oct. 20, 2020)

Season Dates:

  • Tuesdays, Nov 3, 2020 - Jan 12, 2020
    (no classes Nov 24, Dec 22 or Dec 29)


Tumbling (toddler class only):

  • Members: $25.00

  • Potential Members: $40.00

Tumbling (ages 4-18):

  • Members: $50.00

  • Potential-Members: $85.00


General Information:

Suggested dress includes athletic wear (flexible shorts/t-shirt that can be tucked in) or gymnastics leotards. Girls need hair to be tied back or pulled out of the face. Children may choose to wear socks or be barefoot. Chewing gum is not permitted during tumbling classes.


Class Descriptions:

Toddler: Half an hour, specially designed for toddlers, parent-and-me class where toddlers learn listening skills, gross motor control, and builds the foundation for more complex tumbling skills. Class format will include beginning stretching, various tumbling and crawling stations, and jumps. Age 3 years old (no exceptions).


Beginner (4-5 yr old): One-hour class designed for children to learn basic tumbling and balancing skills. Each class will learn a floor routine.  Class format will involve stretching, gross motor skills, and various tumbling stations.  Ages 4-5 years old.


Beginner/Intermediate (6-up yr old): One-hour class for ages 6-10. This class is to develop beginning and intermediate tumbling skills. Each class will learn a floor routine. Teachers will work with groups at their ability level to expand participant’s tumbling skills. Class format includes stretching, working various tumbling skills, tumbling stations and conditioning.


Intermediate/Advanced/Cheer Tumbling: One-hour class for ages 8 and up and those interested in cheer tumbling. This class will continue to refine beginning tumbling skills and expand to advanced tumbling.  Class will include advanced moves for use in cheerleading but is NOT just for cheerleading.  Format includes stretching, conditioning, and various intermediate and advanced tumbling skills. Class placement between beginner/intermediate or intermediate/advanced will be determined by the coaches.

Rc3 Tumbling Program 

Classes are designed to teach basic to advanced tumbling skills and expand each participant’s abilities.

Here is an opportunity for children and youth to stretch (literally!) and develop a new skill. Rc3 offers four divisions for ages 3- 18 years old. Classes are designed to teach basic to advanced tumbling skills and expand each participant’s abilities. There are four, 8-week sessions, September through May. Participants do not need to attend each session to participate.



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